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January 08, 2020 3 min read

Surviving the Holidays at Lambert Jewelers


If you know anything about jewelry or retail in general, you can imagine that Christmas time is a busy time. Having started in late September, I knew my first Christmas at Lambert Jewelers would be a true test of my grit, stamina, and ability to act like everything’s fine when I’m exhausted (LOL!!). Thankfully, I survived and now I’m sitting at the store post-holiday madness and enjoying the peace (until Valentine’s Day).

Here’s how I survived my first Christmas in the jewelry business.

1. SMILING- As I mentioned above, acting like everything’s fine when I’m exhausted can get you a long way! I smiled and I just kept smiling. Kinda like ELF, smiling became my favorite.



2. COOKIES- There’s no time to actually eat lunch during the holiday rush so I survived off of plenty of delicious treats from our wonderful vendors. The sugar rush kept me going for hours!

3. NICE CUSTOMERS- I wouldn’t have survived without our gracious, fun and caring customers. As a newbie sometimes I had to ask for help or call in reinforcements. Sorry for whoever got stuck with me!!

4.SLEEP- I run on 9 hours of sleep most nights (Can you tell I don’t have kids?) and I knew I needed to make sleep a priority during the holidays or I just wouldn’t make it. I basically worked and then slept as much as I could so I wouldn’t get sick and so I would have enough energy for each day.

5. MY WONDERFUL COLLEAGUES- I goofed up and made plenty of mistakes during the holiday season like when I ordered a $69 cross for a customer a few days before Christmas and the shipping cost us $35! We didn’t make much money on that one but at least I learned a lesson. My fellow staff members were so wonderful in helping me navigate the busiest time of year.

6. MY HUSBAND- The holiday season meant working lots of days in a row and lots of hours at a time and my husband was an absolute champ by having dinner ready for me most nights when I wouldn’t get home ‘til 8 or 9pm. I think I’ll keep him!


7. COMFORTABLE SHOES- I haven’t quite found the perfect pair of fashionable, yet comfortable work shoes (let me know if you have suggestions!) but being on your feet all day means you need comfy shoes. And boy, I was ready for my couch when I got home. Sometimes during the holiday rush I would just go to the bathroom to sit down for a few seconds (LOL!)

8. CHRISTMAS CAROLS & DECORATIONS- Here at Lambert Jewelers, we don’t mess around with our Christmas music and twinkly lights. Our whole store is adorned, inside and out, with the magic of Christmas…starting in NOVEMBER. Jingle Bells and Let It Snow kept me feeling jolly all holiday season long. Plus our owner, Keith, has a great singing voice and kept us laughing all season long!



9. PRAYER- Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have survived without my one TRUE source of strength, the reason for the season, Jesus. I asked for His strength every morning on the way to work.

10. SMILING- Did I mention, smiling? Smiling and a positive attitude can get you a long way.


Well, there you have it. My survival guide for the holidays at Lambert Jewelers. It was challenging but SO fun. And I sure did learn a lot in a short amount of time. Best of all, I survived to tell the tale!  

About the Author

Carly Lambert joined the Lambert Jewelers team in late September 2019 and works in sales, marketing, social media and vendor management. She married David Lambert in July 2018 in Columbus, OH. She currently lives in Columbus with her husband and two kitties, Milo & Iris.

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