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February 13, 2020 3 min read

What We Love about Lambert Jewelers

Posted at 11:00AM I by Carly Lambert I Love & Jewelry

Since Valentine’s Day is approaching and LOVE is in the air, we thought we’d take a second to share the things we LOVE about working in the jewelry industry. It’s fun, always changing, complicated, sentimental and fulfilling.

Here are our thoughts on LOVE:

Jackie: It is truly a joy to get to know each customer that walks through the doors. They aren’t just a number to me. They are truly friends that I enjoy building relationships with. It’s just an added bonus that I get to sell them something beautiful and special.

Gail: I’ve been in the industry for a long time and the thing I love most about jewelry is seeing customers smile. Whether it’s from seeing their ring after its been cleaned or seeing their new custom piece, it is so rewarding to see their excitement and smile over the finished product. A custom piece takes much time and care. It is truly a labor of love and it pays off the see the customer satisfied with it.

Julia: Our jeweler, Julia, loves being a part of making people happy through jewelry and custom pieces. She does everything from sizing and repairing tips to completely re-mounting rings. Each repair is precious and sentimental to the owner and it means a lot to her to make a customer happy. She also loves the uniqueness of different diamonds and gemstones (she looks at a lot of them!). And finally, she loves getting her hands dirty on the bench.

Keith: One of our owners, Keith, joked with me when I asked him what he loves about the jewelry industry and said, “I’ve been doing this for so long I can’t think of anything!” LOL When I pressed the issue he said, “Well, I still love my wife!” After working together for 20 years, I would say that’s a feat! In addition, Keith really loves fine jewelry and diamonds. He appreciates the beauty in each piece. Finally, he shot a television commercial years ago with the rest of the Lambert Jewelers staff that is quite memorable in his mind!

Jaynie: Our other owner, Jaynie, loves the challenge of the business. There’s so much to learn and every customer that walks in the door has a unique request. There’s no situation that’s the same and Jaynie loves navigating each situation in a unique way. Plus, she loves getting to know customers and then getting to know their kids when they come in to shop for rings. You really get to see customers through so many milestones and generations.

Carly: I’ve only been in the business for a few months now but the thing I love most so far is the many special moments we get to share with people. It is a deep honor to meet our customers in the midst of their high and low points in life-- engagements, babies, divorces, deaths, etc. We see and hear it all and have the unique position to show love, grief, excitement, sorrow and joy along with our customers. It is my hope that our store is a place of hope, encouragement, refuge and comfort regardless of what a customer is going through.

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